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Optimization of Customer Service With IZISERVE Push Button Paging Systems

Improve the customer experience by modernizing the customer service process. Statistics show that, on average, a server approaches a table 1 to 3 times without the guest's request. Taking into account the number of tables, and the table turnover, it will amount to a lot of time and resources invested without any added benefits. It does not increase the customers' purchase intentions, and can even have a negative effect on customer experience. CHANGE THIS TREND by installing an IZISERVE push button paging system, which gives the customers the freedom to choose when to be assisted.

Place an IZISERVE push button paging transmitter on each table, giving guests easy access to it. The staff is equipped with wrist watch pagers or a central display. With the push of a button, clients instantly alert to the servers. Now, the servers can assist the guests without unnecessary delays. It is a discreet alert system, which will make guests feel more comfortable. They will not have to inconvenience themselves, and other customers, by waving or raising their voices to draw the servers' attention, and will be assured that their request for assistance has been notified to the staff.


Streamlined Work Process and Improved Inter-Staff Communication

IZISERVE ALERT comes in two versions, 12 and 24, depending on the number of servers available. The names of the servers can be written/changed/erased on the desktop transmitter, and by pushing one of the alert buttons, the respective server will receive an instant alert on his or her pager. With this system the kitchen or bar staff can discreetly and instantly alert the servers, when the food or drink is ready for pick up. It will increase staff efficiency, and will ensure a faster and better service to customers. Servers will not have to do unnecessary runs to the kitchen, giving them more time to offer quality customer service to the guests.


No More Waiting On the Spot, No More Crowding

This is the perfect solution for Take Away restaurants, or fully booked restaurants. Once the customer has placed an order or booked a table, they are handed a pager. The customer will be given freedom to walk about, inside or outside the establishment, or sit by the bar, making the wait time more pleasurable. When their order or table is ready, they will instantly be notified. It will make the wait time less stressful, and avoid unnecessary crowding in the establishment.



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