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Improve the quality of the customer service with IZISERVE push button transmitter. Place a push button device on each table giving the guests easy access to them. With a slight push of a button hotel staff will receive an instant alert on their receiver wrist watch pagers or on the central display. All communication takes place in real time, avoiding unnecessary delays when the customer requires assistance. It is easy to install and low maintenance. Guaranteed excellent post-sales service.

Improve the hotel's on-line reputation: Quality customer service has never been more important than it is today. With numerous websites, such as and, where customers their customer reviews and evaluations of their hotel experience, it is unavoidable that future potential customers will refer to these before making their hotel bookings. IZISERVE is a tool, that will help hotel management and staff, optimize the customer experience and ensure an enjoyable stay at the hotel for the guests. The guest will not feel imposed upon with unnecessary interruptions, and will be able to communicate with the staff in a discreet and swiftly.

Where Can IZISERVE Be Of Use?

  • Hotel Restaurant

  • Hotel Bar

  • Swimming Pools - indoor and outdoor

  • Reception and Lobby

  • Hotel Spa



IZISERVE ALERT comes in sets of 12.  With the push of a button the respective staff member will be alerted, receiving the call on his/her pager or wrist watch pager. This paging systems provides a good in-house communication flow. It can be used by kitchen staff to alert servers that an order is ready to be served., or in the lobby, where the reception manager can alert on floor staff members. This will result in a streamlined work process, better customer service and a good work environment.


For managers and supervisors. This system can be used to alert one or more employees, simultaneously in an instant. Whenever a manager has to alert an employee, all he/she has to do is push the button next to the respective employees name on the desktop transmitter, and the employee will receive an instant notification of the call.



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