Peace, tranquility, and wellbeing. These are the words that come to mind when thinking of a spa. No disturbances, no telephone calls, no chatter, no unnecessary distractions. This is what IZISERVE can offer a spa. It gives the peace and quiet required, to make the customer experience live up to expectations. Push button transmitters are installed in each room of the spa, allowing guests notify staff when they require assistance. The alert is sent instant and silently. Staff will receive the signal on pagers, wristwatch pager or the central receiver. It is wireless, easy is to install and operate. Let IZISERVE you provide the highest quality service, and ensure the peace and tranquillity inherent in a spa.

• Improves the atmosphere, maintaining the tranquillity and serenity that are associated with a spa.
Increases productivity, by streamlining the work process.
Promotes consumer loyalty, and will increase clientele.
• Provides a competitive advantage
• Will help the business live up to the customers' expectations.
• It will distinguish the business with modern elegance.



Don't lose walk-in customers. If there is wait time to receive a treatment, offer them to make an appointment, hand them a pager, which allows them to move around while waiting their turn. They will be able to go outside the premises, perhaps continue their shopping, go to a café or simply go for a walk, as far as 800m (approx. 2620 ft) from the spa. Staff will notify the client sending them an alert to the pager, from the desktop transmitter, when it is their turn to be pampered.



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