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IZISERVE will change the way customer care is approached! It is perfect for cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels, and many other businesses and sectors. The customer calls the staff simply with the push of a button. Easy to use, easy to install and effective!


IZISERVE ALERT is another innovative paging system that alerts customers when their order is ready for pick up. It allows the customers to move about, inside or outside the premises, and avoids unnecessary crowding. It can be used in numerous business sectors, let it be shops, restaurants, spas, hotel or hospitals.

Demonstration of the usability of IZISERVE in a hospital, where the patient can send an instant alert to the nurse or medical staff, with the push of a button on the transmitter. The nurse will promptly assist the patient. This paging system is apt for care homes, clinics, large supermarkets, and a number of other sectors.



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