IZISERVE® consists of a wireless transmitter button and a wrist receiver, and / or signal converter for PC, and / or counter display. The wireless transmitter button can be installed on restaurant tables, beach umbrellas, shops, store fitting rooms, pool areas and more. With the system, the customer can call the employee by pressing the transmitter button and be served whenever necessary or appropriate.

The IZISERVE® ALERT consists of a transmitting station and a set of individual pager receivers. With this system, those responsible can call by their employees or customers whenever necessary or when the product / service is available. The big advantage is that employees or customers have a free zone in order to circulate and be alerted in real time so having the freedom for other activities. This system may be applied to multiple business fields.

The products have a warranty of 2 years.

How to maximise the profitability with IZISERVE
Statistics show that, on average, a server approaches a table 1 to 3 times without the guest's request. Taking into account the number of tables, and the table turnover, it will amount to a lot of time and resources invested without any added benefits. It does not increase the customers' purchase intentions, and can even have a negative effect on customer experience. In fact the top complaint from guests are the numerous interruptions throughout their meal. Now, if this is the case in a particular restaurant it is due to a poorly organized work process. IZISERVE will streamline the work process, and give customers the freedom to decide when they get assistance. The guests will feel that they do not have to inconvenience themselves, and other customers, by waving or raising their voices to draw the servers' attention, and will be assured that their request for assistance has been notified to the staff.

Let's consider the following scenario:
A guest goes to a particular restaurant for the first time. This supposes that the restaurant will earn 20€ and the costs will amount to 10€, the profit would be of 10€. That same customer will visit that restaurant 12 times in one year. All in all, that would suppose a revenue of 240€, and the costs would remain at 10€, final profit would be 230€. That is one of the reasons why it is in the restaurants interest to retain customers and promote consumer loyalty. It is in the restaurant's best interest that the customer visits more than once. Furthermore, it has been proven that a satisfied customer is the best promotion for a business. On average a person shares their customer experience with 6 other people. And this is the word of mouth process beings. This would mean augmented clientele for the restaurant, and increased revenues. This is the secret to your business success!

What does the installation process consist of?
IZISERVE and IZISERVE ALERT are wireless devices and do not require technical skills to be installed and operated. IZISERVE: Simply, place the push button paging transmitters on the tables or spots you deem appropriate. Distribute the regular pagers or the wrist watch pagers to the staff members, or guests.

We already have IZISERVE, will it be necessary to also buy IZISERVE ALERT?
No. Firstly, you will have to define what your needs are, and see which of the two systems will meet your requirements. Should have any doubts, our Customer Support will help you find the best solution for your business. In restaurants, IZISERVE ALERT will prove useful staff-to-staff communication. It is especially managers and kitchen staff that will need to notify the servers, and can do so by using this alert system. It is silent and instant.
If it is a hotel business IZISERVE would suffice, however the work process and customer service would benefit form both solutions.

Note that IZISERVE V.1.1 can be used to serve the same functions as IZISERVE ALERT. For instance, if there are 27 tables in the restaurant and 2 servers, with the purchase of 29 transmitters, two of them can be assigned to the kitchen, and used to alert each server. The servers will receive an alert from the kitchen on their pagers or wrist watch pagers. The remaining 27 transmitters will be allocated to the tables. However this option might seem less professional.

Can IZISERVE and IZISERVE ALERT communicate with each other?
No. They work on different frequencies. A good example of this is the following: A server can wear a wrist watch pager, and know that when he receives an alert on it, it is a guest who requires assistance. He/She also carries an IZISERVE ALERT pager in the pocket, and will know that when an alert is received on this device, it comes from the kitchen.
NOTE: If you choose the solution mentioned in the previous answer, the pagers are synchronized.

What other uses do IZISERVE and IZISERVE ALERT have?
Various. Both systems can be used in a multitude of businesses. They are designed to ease the work processes and the communication between people. One of the big advantages of these systems is that the communication is free, and one is not exposed to harmful waves.

Are there any additional costs involved?
No. Another great advantage is that it is a one time investment. All solutions come with a 2 year warranty, and repeating customers will get a 20% discount in their orders of updated versions of the systems.


Can we customize the devices with our logo?                                                                                               
Yes. With the purchase of 300 units, your logo can be imprinted on one side, or both sides, of the device, and you can have your menus printed for the pagers. We offer various personalized solutions. To learn more about the personalized solutions click here»»


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