IZISERVE integrates a practical and innovative concept to its paging systems allowing a efficient client-to-staff, and staff-to-staff communication. Ensuring the clients receive the highest quality in customer service. State-of-the-art wireless technology enables an easy and fast installation. The devices are small and elegantly designed.
The systems are the best tool to optimize the services provided to the customers, while reducing costs end increasing revenues.

According to the world-renowned restaurant guide, ZAGAT:

The average number of check backs (unsolicited visits to a table) made by a server is 1 to 3 times, per table turn. The guests experience these check backs as interruptions, and they have become the number one complaint in relation to the quality of customer service in restaurants. Second to that, is the complaint that the guests are ignored when attempting to call the server.
These situations can be avoided with IZISERVE.
The quality of customer service in restaurants is a crucial factor their image and reputation. To serve and assist the guest when he/she requires it, and to do so promptly, is fundamental in providing that high quality customer service. IZISERVE is the tool to live up to these requirements.


The wireless push button transmitters are placed on the tables, indoors or outdoors. The guest simply pushes one of the three or two buttons on the IZISERVE transmitter. The buttons are:  

2 Key call button:

1. 'Call" to call the server
2. "Cancel" to cancel the call

3 key Call button:

1. 'Call" to call the server
2. "Check' to ask for the check
3. "Cancel" to cancel the call

The server will instantly be notified on a wrist watch pager, or a desktop receiver, and will promptly attend to the customer. The system is discreet providing a quick way of calling the server to the table. The guests will feel more comfortable not having to draw attention to themselves by waving or raising their voices.

The server response time will be shortened, and the guest will have a better customer experience, with the fast and discreet service, and without unnecessary interruptions by the servers.

The improved customer service will attract new customers, and increase the consumer loyalty, thereby increasing revenues.

Staff will be more efficient, and the work process will be streamlined, giving them more time to better service the guests who require assistance, and carry out other work tasks.

The improved efficiency will allow a faster table turnover, increased consumption, and higher revenues.

IZISERVE ALERT is another paging system that is perfect for in-house, staff-to-staff communication. This system is the ideal solution for kitchen staff to notify servers when the food is ready to be served, avoiding delays in serving the courses to the guests, and unnecessary visits to the kitchen by the server. This system can also be used as a guest paging solution, wherewith the customer is alerted when it´s his/her turn to be assisted. IZISERV ALERT consists of a desktop transmitter and receivers (pagers).

With one or both systems your business will leap into a new era, user-friendly, practical technologies, that will improve the quality of customer service and team work.

IZISERVE is applicable to a multitude of businesses and sectors, let it be restaurants, shops, spas, warehouse, hospitals, and even offices. Wherever there is communication between people, IZISERVE can help. And as a modern manager well knows, it is not only the product that sells; the quality of service provided is a decisive factor in the customer purchase intention.

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