IZISERVE® ALERT allows for greater professionalism and effectiveness in communicating with staff and clients.

For Customers:
It is the ideal system for use in restaurants, drive-in / drive-thru, take away, spas, hospitals, doctors' offices, casinos, hairdressers, etc .. Give your customer a pager while he/she waits for their food or your product / service and notify them immediately as soon as it's ready. The customer can then move around up to 2km and be notified in a professional manner.

For the Staff:
Use to call one or more employees at the same time with a single touch, silently and without telephone call charges or dialing numbers.

• Simple installation
• The transmitter can pair up to 999 pagers
• With programmable reminder function 99s (Default is 30s).
• Allows the selection of different warnings; vibration, LEDs or sound or various combinations between them
• Long battery life thanks to its exclusive charger
• Elegant design and very lightweight
• Transmission: 300m (open field) - extendable to 2 km with the use of signal amplifier.





TR-1000  IZISERVE® ALERT Transmitter

Just press the number and call your customers instantly

Easy operation and installation
Alert modes: Vibration, Sound and LED's and / or all at once
Call by random or fixed numbers

Minimize crowds in queue
Reduce chaos with staff and improve the working environment
Alert your customers quickly
• Reduce staff costs
Improve efficiency at work

Dimensions: 130 x 170 x 32 mm
Weight: 410g
Black color





Ultra thin paging system that can be used anywhere where there are usually waiting lines.
• Ability to insert
your own logo or promotional information
• Give the pager to your customers thus avoiding long queues, call the pager when your ready to serve.

Slim and clean design
• Rechargeable battery
Suitable for all types of restaurants or cafes

Minimize crowds
• Reduce chaos with staff and improve the working environment
Call customers quickly
• Reduce staff costs
• Improve work efficiency







The amplifier increases the signal coverage, between the transmitter and pagers to receive all signals to the desired area.

For general use, simply connect the amplifier to the mains to increase the distance from the reception.
• Compatible with IZISERVE ALERT pagers

Easy and simple operation
Strengthens the signal between system
• Embedded transmission RF button and LED lamps
Dimensions: 128 x 155 x 30mm
Weight: 240g
Power supply DC12V / 1A








Charger with a capacity up to 12 Pagers


Advertising paddle


12V adapter



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