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With IZISERVE Wireless Systems

IZISERVE® is aimed at all industries and can be applied to supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants, outdoor swimming pool areas, esplanades, receptions, hotels, clinics, warehouses, factories etc ... The system is lightweight and compact, with a quick installation can be running in minutes, the system does not require any special knowledge in order to be operational. To receive calls, managers and employees can choose between the Wrist Watch Pager, Counter Display or PC Converter or all receivers simultaneously making the system very flexible.






Call Button transmitter

2/3 Keys: Call, Cancel and Request Bill
• Modern design
• Waterproof
Built-in antenna
• Anti theft system
• Signal range: 200m in open space can be increased to 2 km with the amplifier
• Dimensions: 60x17mm

• Reduces chaos with staff and improves the working environment
• Reduces staff costs
• Improves work efficiency 


IZI.R-002 Receiver & Wrist Watch

• Uses SCM digital encoding technology with stable performance
• Wireless! No messy wires involved and easy to use
• Can work in conjunction with the Counter Display Wrist Receiver or PC Converter
• LCD with high brightness and 3 types of reminders: sound, vibration or both.
• 1 Wrist Watch receiver can operate with a maximum of 200 transmitters and can restore the last 10 calls.
In standby mode, the wrist pager displays the current time
• 3 display modes: symbol, text or both
• Configuration is simple and intuitive to use






IZI.DISPLAY LED display Receiver

• Can operate in conjunction with the wrist pager and PC Converter to receive the same call information
• A total of 256 transmitters can be paired with each receiver
• Management Reports can be generated using the supplied software
• Stand alone or connected to PC
• 12 ringtones
Adjustable volume
• The display allows three calls on hold
• Dimensions: 535mm × 158mm × 40mm



IZI.USB.R PC Converter   

• Recognizes the address of each call button / transmitter
• Receives calls from the transmitters allowing the use of management software when connected to the 's USB port.
• Monitoring and management software (FREE)

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IZI.Base.1 3 in 1 Stand  

• Support for transmitter button + menu + Acrylic for advertising, promotions, suggestions or information.



IZI.AMP.1 Signal Amplifier up to 2 km

• Increased signal transmission between transmitters and receivers (up to 2 km in open space)
• Easy setup and installation
• Dimensions: 220x135x48mm



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