Offices with cubicles: : Communicate with your employees in a discreet and professional way. Call an assistant, or a group of employees, to your office, using IZISERVE ALERT TX. Send text messages.

Beauty Parlors: IZISERVE ALERT will improve the atmosphere in the waiting rooms by avoiding crowding. Give the customer the freedom to move about while waiting to go in for treatment. Notify them discreet and instantly. IZISERVE will improve the quality of customer service, allowing the customer notify staff when assistance is required, with the push button paging transmitters installed in each room.

Fitting Rooms: Often times, when a customer goes into a fitting room to try on a garment, he/she realizes it is not quite the color or size for him/her. Very inconveniently, the customer has to get dressed again in order to wander out of the fitting room, into the shop, and find another garment. With IZISERVE this can be changed. Modernize the shopping experience for the customer. He/She will be able to request assistance , without having to leave the fitting room, in a discreet way. With the push of button installed in the respective fitting, staff will receive and instant alert on the pagers, wrist watch pagers or the central receiver. Improve the shop's image!

Trade Fairs and Shows: Don't miss out on the opportunity to find new clients, because you are not by the stand when the potential client appears. If the potential client would like assistance and discuss your products, all they have to do is push the button on the IZISERVE transmitter.

Physiotherapist Office: IZISERVE. When a patient is being treated, and if there is no staff in the room, he/she can push a button and alert for assistance.

Warehouses and Supply Centrals: Hand each carrier an IZISERVE ALERT pager, and notify him/her when the goods are ready to be loaded onto the trucks or vans.

The uses of IZISERVE are limitless! Any sector will find it useful!


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